Leading / Time

People who feel brave enough to face the unknown are called for in these times of change. You are called upon to lead yourself and others into a new space; a new way of being.

May be you are one of these people who has already known this for a long time; you’ve been ahead of the game for some time. Then you will also already know that leading also sometimes means to stand alone. It could therefore be a support to you, to share this experience with others who are on a similar path, searching for the possibility to build this gift into their life in a meaningful way somehow.

It could also be, that now, after a certain period in your life, you are getting in touch with your own leadership qualities. Often, it is the people in our surroundings that notice this change first: they give you the feedback that you possess this quality, they do as you do, they ask for your guidance and follow your lead – and to your amazement, you are capable of fulfilling this role!

Leading and Serving

Leading is a service to others and to the world. In the same way as the singing of a nice song; the building of a chair; cooking a good soup or writing a book are also services.

Leading as a Job/Role

To lead others is to bring them into their power.

To lead oneself is to bring oneself into one’s own power.

Both are demanding jobs – they each require great care towards oneself and others. It also needs the bravery to make mistakes, to remain loyal to oneself and to have respect for the incredible diversity of life.